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Chinese Herbal Medicine can be a lovely addition to acupuncture sessions. Laurie gets her herbs from Phoenix Medical, who only supply high quality herbs, and are the official provider of  Chinese herbs to the NHS for clinical trials.


Herbal medicine can come in several forms:

  • Raw Herbs - These herbs are given to the patient, with instructions on how to cook the herbs into a tea. Once the tea has been made, it is to be consumed as directed by the practitioner.

  • Granular Form - These herbs are raw herbs that have already been prepared and come in a granular form, which looks almost like sand. Instructions are given to the patient on how to prepare the granules into a tea, as well as instructions on dosage.

It is up to the patient if they choose to use Chinese herbs in conjunction with their treatments. This is something that is discussed with Laurie if you are seeing her for regular treatments.

Laurie is experienced and trusted by here patients so don’t hesitate to contact her for more information or to make a booking.


Feel free to reach out via phone on 07950 300 909, email or via the website. Alternatively bookings are welcome and can be made online via the button above.

Richmond Upon Thames serves as the base for Laurie Glenn Acupuncture. Laurie treats patients from across London and is with easy reach of Kew, Mortlake & East Sheen.

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