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Laurie began her journey into holistic health over 15 years ago after being diagnosed with post-partum depression following the birth of her second daughter.  Facing the probability of going onto anti-depressants, she sought out another way – acupuncture – and the course of her life was changed forever.


After years of discovering the benefits of holistic health, balance, and prevention, she dedicated herself to sharing these benefits with others.  She left her corporate career, and went back to pursue her Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and developed her own health and wellbeing philosophy:



Health is integrative

Western and Eastern medicine can (and must) work together


Your health is yours alone

educate yourself, question everything, and find what feels right for you as an individual


Prevention is remedy

wellness is a long game – it involves curing ailments, but also preventing them through balance

"You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

-The Buddha

Purple Flower

Traditional Acupuncture

A treatment includes a consultation and session which can include cupping and guasha as needed

Branch of Flowers

Cosmetic Acupuncture

A treatment includes a consultation, body and face needles, LED lights, guasha and facial massage



A session takes one hour and is a hands on healing session with relaxing music and balancing of energies

Yellow Calla

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation

A consultation can take place online if needed or in person and involves a consultation and then a bespoke formula will be sent directly to you

Flowers and Hand

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Laurie works at The Still Room

359 Upper Richmond Road West

SW14 8QN



I cannot praise Laurie enough for her work. She is an extremely supportive and understanding person who is incredibly talented in her work.


Laurie is a wonderful acupuncturist and an even more wonderful person. It's always a treat to enter her treatment room and have her take care of you. Pain and symptoms improved a lot and her treatments are always a stress buster.


Laurie's a true healer! She's helped me with both acute pain and some longer-term issues as well. In a world where it's tough to know who to trust, Laurie has shown she genuinely cares about my wellbeing and is dedicated to my health.

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